I have nothing against the metronome. I certainly could stand to use more time practing with one. And recording with a click track has been a established practice for a long time (though I’m not convinced one way or another whether it always (or never) results in a better-sounding song).
But since when has it been acceptable practice to have a drummer play to a click track during a live show? It’s one thing if the band is using some kind of drum loop, an often-but-not-always dubious proposition (Radiohead has done it well). But just having a metronome keeping the time underneath seems wrong somehow. Not to mention that I’ve seen bands play where you could hear the thing ticking off between songs.
I assume advances in technology have allowed bands of all levels to utilize a computer to help keep the time. For all I know, this practice could have been around among big acts since the 80s. Still, it only seems like recently that I see drummers wearing headphones as they play. Might just be my musical snobbery emerging, but it seems a little weak.
And of course, I couldn’t let this post end without a link to the song Metronome by some band called The Bosch.