BSG Season 3

TVSquad gets an early look at Battlestar Galactica season three: “Let me start by saying that you won’t be disappointed. I admit I was afraid things were going to be pretty sketchy this season, with the show’s creators taking a leap of faith by transplanting the series a year into the future. I’m extremely pleased at how well it’s working, and there are lots of hints of promise for what’s to come.”
Contains mild spoilers, but nothing that hasn’t already been leaked. The colonials never catch a break do they? Would Galactica be as good a show if people weren’t always in crisis mode? Probably not. That would probably be as interesting as if the next season of 24 is all about Jack Bauer getting stuck in traffic on the way to the beach.
Season 3 premiers with a 2 hour episode (originally two one hour episodes) on October 6.