Sites We Like: Various TV-related

Instead of writing up a long blogroll that’s going to go out of date in a week, we’re going to periodically post about sites we like.
Because the Emmys are tonight, here are some of my favorite TV-related web sites (in no particular order):

  • Television Without Pity is the big dog of snarky tv recaps and discussion on the web. The recaps can be more entertaining than watching the source show. Unfortunately, it’s become so popular that it could be a full-time job just to keep on top of the conversations for its more popular shows.
  • A List of Things Thrown 5 Minutes Ago is more than just TV. It casts a wide net over all that is pop culture, with brevity, wit and intelligent discussions. Undoubtedly one of my favorite blogs.
  • TV Squad is part of Weblogs Inc. There’s a lot of posting, but of very mixed quality. Reviews are quicker to read, but less detailed and less entertaining than TWoP.

Dead Tree Critics:

  • The Star Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall blogs at What’s Alan Watching and analyzes programs in more detail than in his column. Good stuff.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle’s Tim Goodman writes The Bastard Machine which is witty and wise.

Showrunners and Writers:
I find that learning more about the craft of writing television helps to make me a more educated a consumer of televised entertainment and get more out of watching TV.

  • Battlestar Galactica. Even though it’s a remake of a super-cheesy 70’s sci-fi show, Ron Moore’s Battlestar is one of the best (and bleakest) shows on these days. With the blog and podcasts, showrunner Moore lets fans in on the decisions behind the show.
  • Ken Levine is a veteran television writer whose credits includer MASH, Cheers and The Simpsons. He knows what he’s talking about.