My Office is Empty

Damn you, cable box!
My cable box turned itself off sometime last night, which meant that instead of recording the highly awaited season premier of The Office, ReplayTV recorded 30 minutes of nothing. One on level, think about the deeper meaning. If your TV Office is a black void, then maybe your real life office is merely a black void, as is your soul. And sometimes, a bottle of Dharma Initiative ranch dressing sitting in the sun is just a bottle of ranch dressing becoming rancid. (If there is any message here, it could be that I watch too much TV.)
At least going on iTunes to download the episode led me to Dwight Schrute’s Playlist: Twelve Songs That Inspire and Motivate Me. Besides the 1970’s Battlestar Galactica theme songt he Star Spangled Banner, and Rush’s “Tom Sawyer,” Dwight’s playlist includes the bestest song ever: Boston’s “More than a Feeling.”

Sometimes you feel things and you’re like, ‘Whoa, that’s a feeling,’ but it’s also so much more. What is it exactly? What is this thing that is a feeling but is so much more? This song attempts to answer this very human and eternal question. Plus, the guitar is awesome.

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