Rock Star: It’s Over

Well, it’s a choice.
Not the choice that I would have made, especially after hearing the Glam Hobbit sing the [band to be renamed later] songs that Toby and Magni sang previously. Maybe the lyrics on the Supernova album are so bad that they want a singer who no one can understand?
I don’t quite understand Gilby’s reason for booting Magni. He seemed like he was too much a member of the band? Um, aren’t you looking for a member of your band? Or are you looking for an Axl Rose type?
Perhaps Mark Burnett and CBS should have waited until after announcing the winner to show a promo for Survivor: Racial Tension that used the dreadful “Headspin” as its soundtrack.
Fortunately, we can forget all about [band to be named later] and the supernovices now.
Though I probably will actually buy Throwing it all away and Ladylike when they hit iTunes.
This season went on at least one week too long. Or maybe Burnett needs to license more songs for next season to avoid these retreads in the last few shows. But then the band seemed to have enough of an idea who these singers are to make up their minds a few weeks ago. And according to the rumors floating around the web, it seems like the band did make up their mind a few weeks ago.
For next season, shoud MBP try to find another long-standing band without a singer (I’m looking in your direction, Van Halen) or create another less-than-supergroup to start from scratch? I actually kind of like the blank slate for purposes of the show, even though the band created for the show is probably not going to be any more interesting than this one.
Elsewhere: Like two stars colliding… in a courtroom (Discussing the preliminary injunction granted that prevents this band from using the name “Supernova” in connection with performing rock music. Maybe they should officially go with “Suave Porn.”)

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