Rock Star: Penultimate Performances

Because last week’s Rock Star: Supernova had so much filler, it was a pleasant surprise to see this week’s performance show include so much actual performance.
In the last couple of weeks, Toby has emerged as a clear front runner. Tonight’s performance established that even further. He crushed the trite Killers song and played a catchy original that fits Supernova’s vibe. In the webisode, Gilby complimented the Aussie’s writing and professionalism.
Storm was the other standout performer of the night. She finally managed to end up with the best possible cover song and rocked it with Dave Navarro. It doesn’t hurt that Suffragette City is just a great rock song. Unlike some of the other Supernovices who disappeared in front of Supernova, Storm has the charisma to play with an established artist and keep the spotlight on her. Her original song was excellent, but less in the Supernova vibe than Toby’s or Magni’s.
Magni put in a solid performance. His original song was one of his best performances. While it is a good fit for Supernova, unfortunately, it’s not as catchy or as ballsy as Toby’s or Storm’s songs. With only 5 performers left, the third best still ends up in the bottom three.
Dilana deserves credit for performing well with a pulled calf. While her take on “Behind Blue Eyes” was solid, if unspectacular, she has revelaed herself to be the weakest songwriter of the remaining Supernovices. The lyrics she wrote for the Supernova track and for the song she performed were trite and uninspired at best. She’s going to have to step up and give her best performance yet just to avoid elimination this week and have a chance to make it into the final show.
Like Storm a few weeks ago, Lukas gamely tried to make a song he doesn’t like into his own. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work well. I don’t remember his original song. Toby, Storm and Magni performed originals that far outclassed the dapper hobbit’s, while Dilana’s song was so much less good than the others. Lukas’s was decidedly mediocre and forgettable.
And, of course, Sepinwall has the definitive critique of this week’s episode. Not only do I agree with him, but he managed to work in an Arrested Development reference. Come on!

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