What’s returning to my TV?

These are the television shows that I’ve been watching and will continue watching in the current season (and discussing here at BRR):
The Amazing Race. This is the 9th race already? Wow. (Even though the series is “The Amazing Race 10,” the Family Edition doesn’t count. Sorry.) The information that’s leaked out about the route makes this season sound like it will visit interesting destinations and the route should induce some killer fatigue. Is the Race be the best reality competition show? Premiers Sunday 9/17 at 8:30.
The Simpsons. If the characters aged, Bart would now be 27 years old, Lisa, 25, and Maggie 18. It probably should have ended years ago. After more than 300 episodes, there isn’t much the characters haven’t done, and the new shows have become more cartoonish and tied to pop culture. They probably won’t age as well as the episodes from the earlier seasons. But the quality is still good relative to most other series and I’m still watching. Just not while it is on opposite TAR. Premiered last Sunday, 9/10. The White Stripes guest voice this week.
Family Guy. No, it’s not plot or character driven. The jokes are random. But it’s still funny. Premiered last Sunday, 9/10.
Lost. Do the producers have a clue as to where they’re going? Will it start to X-Files out? Does it matter? After the season 2 finale, I’m heading back to the island for season 3. Premiers Wednesday 10/4.
My Name is Earl. The high point of the series so far has been the pilot. The episodes suffer the danger of becoming formulaic. But it’s entertaining. Premiers Thursday 9/21.
The Office. It’s not the British version. But it’s developed into the best comedy on network television. The characters are real. It has its own unique rhythm and puts the characters in hilariously uncomfortable situations better than any show since Seinfeld. Premiers Thursday 9/21.
Doctor Who. It’s lighter than BSG. It’s not as cheesy as the old Doctor Who series.
Battlestar Galactica. The best show on television? Quite possibly. It’s also very bleak. Will the characters ever have a good day? The colonists resume the battle against their new (sexy and evil) robot overlords on Friday 10/6. Webisodes are available Tuesday and Thursday at SciFi Pulse.
The Daily Show. With a lot of turnover in correspondents this year, is TDS in danger of losing its edge? Probably not.
The Colbert Report. In its first year, the Report has proven to be more consistently funny than its lead-in. You’re on notice.
Mythbusters. This summer’s new episodes haven’t been all that great, but have filled in admirably during a bleak summer season.
Good Eats. Education and entertaining. Alton Brown is the Food Network’s MacGuyver. In a good way.
South Park. Bitingly satirical and funny.
So that’s as much as 12 hours of TV per week, which is something like 10 hours of actual viewing per week. And I’m considering adding new shows to watch? Yikes. That’s an upcoming post.

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