BSG: Wait ’til next week

This week’s Battlestar Galactica shows that sometimes the creative and business sides of television don’t always share the same interests.
For scheduling, a season premier can be a two-hour event. The network can capitalize on the excitement of a highly-anticipated hit show returning to sell twice as much advertising. But having the third episode of the season be a double length episode? Not too likely.
But after watching the first 3 hours of Season 3 over two weeks, the rhythm seems off. Originally, Occupation, Precipice and Exodus were to be the first 3 hours of the season. But when Exodus became too long to fit into a single episode, it was cut into two episodes. On the podcast, Ron Moore noted some of the scenes that were added to flesh out the Exodus story from to a full two hours. So the first four hours of the season will air over three weeks, but the extra hour seems to be in the wrong week.
But, once again, this was a great hour of television which set in motion the events not just of the resolution of the episode, but also the arcs for the season.
What was up with Honey Bunny’s vision?

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