CMJ Considerations

So, CMJ is next week. We’re not playing this year, and without some other source of a badge (“hi, I blog at a site that has a readership of, um, me”), I won’t hit all that many shows. But going through the schedule, here are a few that look promising, in no particular order:
(There are only a few names I recognize on the Tuesday schedule and even fewer that I’ve heard. This may be the night to just pick a venue at random):

  • Medeski Martin and Wood (Hammerstein, 9:00)
  • Golem (Mo Pitkins, 10:00)
  • The Eames Era (Knitting Factory Tap Bar, 9:30)


  • The Mugs (Magnetic Field, 9:00)
  • Tigers and Monkeys (Fontanas, midnight)
  • Man In Gray, The Unsacred Hearts, The Octagon, Kickstart, Dracula Zombie USA (Knitting Factory Old Office)
    A rare entire lineup that is NYC-centric (since it is the showcase for local label Serious Business)
  • Laura Cantrell, Steve Earle and Allison Moorer (Southpaw)
    For the alt-country set
  • Other Passengers, The Gritty Midi Gang (Union Pool)
    Other Passengers are loud. Very loud. In a good way.
  • Dr. Dog, Cold War Kids, Tapes n’ Tapes (The Bowery Ballroom)
    It’s the blog-buzz show of the night. None of these bands are super-amazing, but they are what’s hot with the kids these days. It’s sold out, so does that mean that CMJ resurrected the bands the blogs killed?


  • John Medeski meets Kid Koala (Merkin Hall)
    This could be all kinds of awesome, or all kinds of awful– no middle ground
  • The Wrens, The Walkmen (NYU)
  • Charles Bissell (The Slipper Room)
    This is scheduled for the same time as The Wrens show at NYU? How is that possible?
  • Goes Cube (The Delancey, 11:00)
    None of their songs have titles. All are simply “Goes Cube Song #X.” Playing songs by the number would confuse the crap out of me. Fortunately, they’ve saved the creativity for the music.
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Europa)
    I have no idea if they are any good, but they have the best band name ever
  • Bling Kong (Fontanas, 11:30)
  • Nicole Atkins and the Sea (Mercury Lounge, 8:00)
  • Jonny Lives! (Crash Mansion, 10:00)
  • Proton Proton (Trash, 8:00)


  • The Decemberists (Hammerstein Ballroom)
  • Longwave, Albert Hammond, Jr., Tokyo Police Club (Mercury Lounge)
  • Thunderbirds Are Now! (Pianos, midnight)
  • The Teeth (The Delancey, 11:30)
  • George Clinton & the 420 Funk Mob (Crash Mansion, 11:30)
    Yes, THE George Clinton
  • Goat Explosion (Fontanas, 9:00)
    Formerly Elkland. No idea if they’re any good, but it’s the best band name that doesn’t reference Boris Yeltsin


  • The Mooney Suzuki, The Dansettes (Rebel)
  • Earl Greyhound (The Delancey, midnight)
  • Logjam (Pussycat Lounge, 10:00)
  • The Head Set (Trash, 8:00)

This doesn’t include any concurrent non-CMJ shows. Is there anything I’ve missed?

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