Williamsburg Mega-venue coming?

Rumor has it that LiveNation and The Bowery Presents are battling for control of two neighboring venues in Williamsburg. Both parties would consolidate the two into one large (~2,000 capacity) venue. Curbed speculates that the two venues are Galapagos and Northsix: Crazy Rumor of the Week: Williamsburg ‘Supervenue’?
Aside from the fact that Galapagos and Northsix may be the only two neighboring music venues in Williamsburg, Galapagos is looking to move into a new space as part of an ambitious expansion plan. The new location would include a 300 seat performance space with “a separate theatre enviornment and a cinema.” In addition to expanding to a larger space in Brooklyn, Galapagos hopes to partner with other venues in Berlin, Mumbai and Beijing to offer emerging artists the opportunity to perform to a global audience.
In other Williamsburg venue news, New York Magazine’s Fall Nightlife Preview pegged the new, larger-capacity Luna Lounge for a “fall” opening. The new space on Williamsburg’s Metropolitan Ave. is expected to fit in between the Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom in the NYC venue hierarchy.

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