Arrested Office on Caprica

Newsday: How iTunes saved ‘The Office’: iTunes has saved ‘The Office.’ A year ago, the show was about to suffer the fate of a hundred thousand other shows that labored under the tyranny of Nielsen: It was about to get the ax.”
The NY Post has the latest scoop on BSG spinoff, “Caprica”: The Ring Cylon: “The story, Moore says, ‘centers around two families, one of whom owns an enormous corporation, à la Microsoft, and it builds the first Cylons; then the other family is Adama’s father, who’s a lawyer at the time and starts to become an opponent of what they’re trying to do.'”
Finally, TV Squad finds Michael Cera’s (George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development) new band. No, he’s not playing cowbell in Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution, but is playing guitar in The Long Goodbye. Michael Cera Brings the Indie Rock