Jazz: The Lost Years Wiki

Behearer: “An interactive archive of jazz and creative music recorded between 1970 and 1989. Who says jazz died in the seventies? This is a database for documenting and discussing one of the richest—most overlooked and underrated—eras.”
NY Times: In the Blogosphere, an Evolving Movement Brings Life to a Lost Era of Jazz: ” But over the last six months, a far-flung contingent of musicians and aficionados has made an effort to upend that prevailing notion, armed with stacks of vinyl, high-speed Internet and a shared conviction that [jazz in the 1970’s was] really far from moribund. Along the way, they touched off the year’s most animated public discourse on jazz, a democratic exchange that culminated last weekend in the debut of behearer.com, an interactive database devoted to the music’s most conflicted period.”