Magnetic Field and Music in the ‘hood

While at Magnetic Field last night to see Goes Cube count up some of their new songs (the debuted Goes Cube songs numbered 47, 48 and 49), I realized that I’ve seen some excellent bands play the Field recently that I’ve been meaning to write about.
Low Red Land trekked out from San Francisco to play some shows in their old east coast stomping grounds. They’ve become very excellent, conjuring the sounds of country-tinged Americana twisted through distortion. I’m not quite sure how to classify their music– maybe the alcoholic bastard offspring of Neil Young, Sonic Youth and Wilco?
Modern Skirts have strong pop sensibilities and bring fun. With a lot of piano, their music is lighter than most of the indie rock. There’s a good bit of Ben Folds and REM informing the Skirts’ sound. Strikes me a lot like Voxtrot– who I saw at the Field thinking that they are going to be moving up in the music world (and have since). But I think the Modern Skirts have a higher potential upside– they’re more of a pure pop band.
And Goes Cube continues to sound unique. And loud. Did I mention loud? Beckon the Dagger God was released this past week on Cordless Records (Warner):

Ear Farm Matt has a higher resolution download of the New Music Video for Goes Cube Song 34

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