Come On, Strippy

I’ve been enjoying the new Heavy Trash album, Going Way Out with Heavy Trash. (Listen online at Yep Roc.)
Heavy Trash is Jon Spencer (of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion fame) and Matt Verta-Ray (of Speedball Baby) playing rockabilly and good ol’ rock and roll. Going Way Out was recorded in three countries with musicians including Simon Chardiet, The Sadies and Powersolo.
I, in fact, guested on a couple of tracks on the album. The Bosch recorded with Verta-Ray earlier this year, and a couple of weeks after that, Matt called me up to see if I was available to record some saxophone. Being very newly unemployed, I was nothing but available, and went in, played some saxophone and ended up with Official Jon Spencer Rockabilly Nickname. Listen to “Way Out” and look in the album credits.
Here are a few photos from the Heavy Trash gig in Tompkins Square Park:
Heavy Trash
Heavy Trash
Heavy Trash
Heavy Trash plays Luna Lounge on Friday, September 21 (which also happen to be Eruv Yom Kippur. Oh well.)

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