Goes Cube Blog Post #77

Over at Ear Farm, Goes Cube gives up on From the Inside Looking Out: Goes Cube (premiere of “Clenching Jaws”) : EAR FARM :: music information helps grow ears: “Not long ago, we decided that ‘Goes Cube Song 58’ should be called ‘Sorry, Were You Sleeping?’, ‘Goes Cube Song 59’ should be called ‘Read Right,’ ‘Goes Cube Song 61’ should be called ‘Loose Ends,’ ‘Goes Cube Song 62’ should be called ‘Gravestones Like Chess Pieces’ and ‘Goes Cube Song 63’ should be called ‘Clenching Jaws.’ ‘Goes Cube Song 60’ will change, too, but it’s an instrumental and not recorded, so we’re taking our time picking out a real interesting title for that one.”
I will be horribly disappointed if they never get around to writing and recording “Goes Cube Song #√-1” (square root of -1, in other words, the imaginary number i)