These United States

These United States released a new album earlier this fall, titled Crimes full of rollicking songs for people with beards, by people with beards. And for everyone else, too. The music of These United States is a throwback to earlier, simpler times while still feeling relevant and fresh.
Here’s the video for Get Yourself Home:

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While it’s not the first, it is a good example of what a talented editor can do with the wonderful resource of public domain film material available at the Internet Archive.

Built from 40+ public domain films, the video for “Get Yourself Home” by These United States uses the free and long forgotten footage of the Prelinger Archives. With each clip, a resurrected moment of early film history offers itself up to be woven into the fabric of a whole new American narrative. From the main character, who comes from a 1930’s propaganda film about the importance of workers’ unions, to the passing scenes of carnivals, cabarets and the great wild West, all come together to evoke the contrasting emotions, environments, sins, schemes, devils and delusions that bind us on These United States’ newest release “Crimes.”

MP3: West Won
MP3: Get Yourself Home (In Search of the Mistress Whose Kisses Are Famous)
These United States come to NYC on Nov 19 at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar.

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