Getting back on the horse, again

Ahh, fall. The time of new beginnings. The new school year is picking up, 5770 is nearly upon us, and the new shows are coming back to TV in advance of the new TV season. So I’m going to attempt to get back into music/tv/pop culture blogging as a way of refreshing my writing chops, which have withered terribly recently. And hopefully being creatively wordier about other pop culture will get me over the writer’s block I’ve been having finishing the demos for untitled Andrew solo musical project 2008 2009.
This week, we start with some overviews of what’s in the TiVo and recent playlists. But first, here’s some of the blogging context that I’m drawing from for this revival of the site, meaning that I’ll skim through most of these feeds on most days:
A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago – A mix of pop culture, filtered through some of the smartest bloggers and commenters on the web.
What’s Alan Watching – Sepinwall is the dean of the television blogosphere, starting with his own incisive analysis and continuing with the insightful and generally exceptionally well-behaved commentariat.
Tuned In – Time’s James Poniewozik covers not only narrative television, but also news TV.
Ken Levine – TV comedy writer. A couple of the shows he worked on were little ones, like MASH and Cheers.
The AV Club – TV and music covered extensively and thoroughly.
Ear Farm – The indie music scene in NYC and beyond. Although they try not to self-promote on the site, editors Matt and Mike are in two of Brooklyn’s finest bands: Goes Cube (Matt) and Mancino (Mike). I burned out on most of the music blogs I had followed, but Ear Farm is the one indie I keep in the mix.
Well, that and all of the various blogs from NPR – All Songs Considered, Monitor Mix, A Blog Supreme and Monkey See.
You can find me short-form blogging over at Twitter and a mix of short and long at

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