This year’s surprise: It’s a peninsula, not an island

Lost comes back for its penultimate season tomorrow today. And I’m excited.
The New York Times profiled the show’s script supervisor, who is responsible for maintaining the continuity of the show. , Television – Gregg Nations’s Job – Keeping ‘Lost’ on Track: “With 34 episodes to go in its two final seasons, the stories of nearly 100 characters to wrap up, several Dharma stations to keep track of and a whole lot of time traveling going on, the writers of ‘Lost’ are doing anything but winding down. Yet their task — untangling the seemingly impenetrable mass of plotlines that have become addictive to some viewers of the show and alienating to others — is relatively simple compared with that of Gregg Nations.”
Alan Sepinwall interviewed producer Damon Lindelof, What’s Alan Watching?: ‘Lost’ goes time traveling for season five: “We spoke at length last week about last season, this season, and how the worst episode in ‘Lost’ history may also have been the most important episode in ‘Lost’ history (from a production standpoint, anyway).”
Sepinwall also has a cheat sheet of where all of the characters are at the beginning of season 5
And A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago’s Isaac Spaceman (no relation to 30 Rock’s Dr. Spaceman?) offers the single best summary of Lost to date. Previously on Lost, “JACK: Well, we lived on the beach, mostly, except for the time we lived in the cave with the skeletons and the time we lived in the secret underground bunker with the lending library and the time we lived in the village built by the scientists that the people who don’t age gassed to death with the help of their leader, my third nemesis, the nebbishy con man with spine cancer, which we took over when the freighter people came to kill everybody.”

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