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I haven’t been so excited by a week of television in a while, and it is kind of sad. But to welcome Battlestar Galactica back for its final episodes, well, it’s exciting because the writers, producers, cast and crew have done a wonderful job in creating a show that isn’t afraid to challenge its viewers. Or to fail. And while it is a show that has its bad episodes, the good stuff is powerful.
But Galactica is also a show that’s inspired great commentary, criticism and community. And while I probably won’t blog much about the episodes, I will be reading the commentaries online.
Alan Sepinwall has a usually thorough review along with a critical mass of smart and engaged commenters. Battlestar Galactica, “Sometimes a Great Notion”: I can’t fight this feeling anymore
Todd VanDerWeff’s reviews at The House Next Door are generally very insightful. This one is no exception, BSG Saturdays: Season 4, Episode 11, “Sometimes a Great Notion”: “Battlestar Galactica gets a reputation for being a dark show, and some of that is well-deserved. It’s a show that examines some of the worst things human beings can do to each other, and it’s often unflinching in its gaze.”
VanDerWeff also interviewed BSG director Michael Nankin.
Time’s James Poniewozik tunes in with BSG Watch: Pleased to Meet Me.
But the winner of this week’s online criticism is the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan, who interviewed Moore, Nankin, and writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ Ron Moore addresses the shocking developments of ‘Sometimes a Great Notion’
And here’s Moore’s commentary:

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